Countrybasque – In Good Company

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  1. Muy buena reseña, con gran sentido del humor. Es rock pasado por el tamiz del country… country-rock en suma, aunque Gram Parsons hablaba de “Música Americana Cósmica”. Countrybasque es una de las poquísimas bandas herederas directas de ese legado de los 70´s en California. A disfrutarlo!!!!!
    Mil gracias a “Rock The Best Music” y a Teodoro Balmaseda.
    Thank you so much!
    Eskerrik asko bihotz-bihotzez!!!!

  2. J. F. Davis dice:

    I met Countrybasque some time ago. Continuing with what their leader has said, they are for me the best reference of that great music that was made some time ago. His compositions, lyrics and music are excellent, and also excellent in voices and instruments. They have two essential albums.

  3. Maria Gonzalez dice:

    Thanks to Teodoro Balmaseda for his comments on In Good Company. Excellent expert on music.

  4. Teodoro dice:

    Muchas gracias, Xabi. Me alegra mucho que te guste mi forma de reseñar.
    Thank you, Maria, for your comment. I’m not an expert, but I try to enjoy whatever I do. I really appreciate your feedback.

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