Setlist y toda la información del primer concierto de la gira de 2014 de ROBERT PLANT

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Si bien lo vivido ayer en el New Orleans Jazz Festival poco va a contar para lo que nos espera a lo largo de este 2014, lo que si está claro es que la actuación de Robert Plant en el festival ha sido el pistoletazo de salida a su gira de este año 2014 que el próximo mes de julio tendrá varias paradas por estas tierras, y el primero desde la finalización de la gira de 2013 el pasado 31 de octubre en el BluesFest de Londres.

Sí, de poco nos puede servir lo acontecido ayer en New Orleans, ya que el concierto estaba enmarcado dentro del festival y tuvo una duración sensiblemente inferior a la habitual hora y veinte de concierto en la que Percy suele estar encima del escenario, y también que a lo largo de la gira se presenten los temas del nuevo disco de Plant y sus Space Shifters, pero siempre va bien volver a comprobar que en un setlist de ocho canciones, cinco pertenecen a su paso por Zep:


Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
Black Dog
Going To California
The Enchanter
Tin Pan Valley
Whole Lotta Love
Rock And Roll



Y como complemento final a esta primera aproximación al Plant de 2014, no estará de más reflejar las sensaciones que nos transmite un zeppeliano de lo vivido ayer:

So, we just got home about an hour ago, and I’ll do my best to give a brief/accurate summary of the show.


To add onto your setlist: “Tin Pan Valley” was played second, “Fixin to Die” was in the latter half, “Big Log” and “What is and What should Never Be” as well.


This setlist was basically the same exact one from 7 months prior when I saw him @ Mahailia Jackson Theatre.


I have to be completely honest about what I saw and heard:
I felt that it was a good show but not as enthusiastic or energetic as the one last year.
The band had a few misques throughout and just seemed to lack something IMO. Maybe just tired from the long overseas trip?


People in spaces started to leave in the middle of Black Dog which was the third or fourth song played. I expected this because it happened at Jazz Fest 3 years ago.
Like I told my wife….some people just don’t “get it”. It’s not 1972 any longer and if Plant wanted to remain “heavy”, then the Zeppelin would be flying high again, so on and so on.
Robert’s solo career has proven that he is about change, pushing limits and being unpredictable, much like his former bands catalouge. To the one’s that left, I say the hell with em’. They don’t understand, so there’s no use in trying to explain.


On a side note: My wifes cousin was working backstage for the event (employee for Jazz Fest).
She came and hung out with us for Plant’s performance. She offered me her pass to go get on the side of the stage but I was content where I was at this time.
She told us that Robert was getting 1 million dollars for this single performance…Bruce Springsteen, 1.1 Million. Crazy!


She said that all of the Jazz Fest artist were staying/booked at the Sheraton Hotel..(pretty good info).
However, I’m so worn out from the day, I can’t muster up enough energy or courage to go and stalk him…maybe next time..LOL


Yet, I did wind up getting a free pass for the day tomorrow (from her), so I hope to catch Clapton if all goes well. Getting back to it- I was happy to see him. His voice sounded really good. As best as it can for this day in age.


The man sings with so much conviction, it gives me goosebumps. He could sing nursery rhymes in the shower and sound like gold.


To sum it up, he was good. I’ve heard him sound better but he always delivers in a way that makes me come back for more.
The band sounded less energetic than him surprisingly enough. Aside from two blistering blues tunes, the two guitarist never really knocked me out, and that could be the fault of the soundmen or “man”. They were not up a great deal in the mix, which took away from some of the potential power of the performance. I suppose I have mixed reviews, but all in all I’m so happy and priviledged to have seen him again.


He did mention that the new album will be in stores on September 19th. Looking forward to what he called “fucking great”!

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