PEGAZUS Introduces New Vocalist : Axel Winter

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The Australian Heavy Metal outfit PEGAZUS have announced today that they proudly introduce their new vocalist AXEL WINTER to the Metal community. Axel will replace Justin Fleming, who could be heard on the debut album and the latest release “In Metal We Trust.

Guitarist and founding member Johnny Stoj about the singer-switch: “Although we are laid back Australian guys, we have always approached our music with 100% dedication, passion and loyalty. Heavy Metal music and our fans deserve nothing less than that. This has always been like this for us and that will never change.

When you are in a band, you have lots of commitments: you have to give 100% on and off stage, you have to keep improving yourself as a recording artist and entertainer, you have financial responsibilities, you have to be loyal to your band mates and of course the fans, you have to be available for the band on all occasions … I’m very thankfull that we have found this all back again in Axel. He came on our path, we have been rehearsing and he fitted like a glove”.

Stoj about the near future : “We were already working on our next album and this process will only go faster now. So, you can expect new music and lots of touring. We are fired up, ready to go and the world will meet the Thunder From Down Under again very soon !

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