Stratovarius – Nemesis : Unbreakable.

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  1. Anonymous dice:

    Letter to Timo Tolkki for help

    Dear mr tolkki,

    I think stratovarius has ripped off my friend with their new song hacylon days. A while back I posted a track by my friend warren curry metal using electronic power metal the style. Then recently comes hacylon days using similar song structure and tones. I wish you were still creating music because you provided a unique voice without directly copying other artists.

    I show you some examples:
    This is the new demo of “Nemessis” last Stratovarius Album, Filtered recently:
    This is demos that i do with Warren curry in 2012:
    I show demos in stratovarius Forum in 2012:
    We are sad…. And we support you in all, Timo: Please, Contactme if you want, feels free….

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