Nemesis, el nuevo trabajo de Stratovarius, saldrá a la venta el próximo 22 de Febrero y ahora, desde hace unas horas, ya se han dado a conocer los primeros detalles del mismo como son el tracklist del mismo y una primera muestra de Unbreakable, el primer sencillo, que se dará a conocer el 25 de Enero.


1. Abandon
2. Unbreakable
3. Stand My Ground
4. Halcyon Days
5. Fantasy
6. Out Of The Fog
7. Castles In The Air
8. Dragons
9. One Must Fall
10.If The Story Is Over

“Nemesis” has a dark and more modern sound compared to the band’s last album “Elysium”. It clearly shows how much the band has matured and grown as songwriters. At the same time, the band focused all their attention and work into creating and recording “Nemesis”. Singer Timo Kotipelto has spent three weeks recording the vocals in a cottage in the Finnish countryside.

Matias Kupiainen adds: “I have more or less lived in the studio for four months, obsessing over every detail. I feel very relieved that we are done and I am very happy with the material and the sound.»
Timo Kotipelto agrees: “Making the album this time was easier because we gave it as much time as it needed. We have worked our asses off to make this and we hope the fans will like it.»

Without doubt, the fans will love it! The album has it all. From the typical melodic and powerful Stratovarius sound in “Abandon”, to the aggressive and energetic “Stand My Ground”, the album represents the new style of the band mixed with good old melodic power metal.
Stratovarius´ musical approach is today wider and richer than ever. The song “Fantasy” sounds almost ABBA-esque with its catchy pop tune, but it´s powered by the famous Stratovarius metal sound, louder than ever.
“Out Of The Fog” integrates some folk music elements, with lyrics telling the story of a young person forced to march blindly into battle.
The only ballad on the album, “If The Story Is Over”, is a very emotional song with a grand arrangement that builds up to using the full band and ends with a small female choir.

The title track “Nemesis” is a typical Stratovarius song, with echoes of medieval melodies with powerful double bass drumming and the catchy pop melodies from this side of the millennium.

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by: Rockthbestmusic

by: Rockthbestmusic

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  1. Anonymous

    Letter to Timo Tolkki for help

    Dear mr tolkki,

    I think stratovarius has ripped off my friend with their new song hacylon days. A while back I posted a track by my friend warren curry metal using electronic power metal the style. Then recently comes hacylon days using similar song structure and tones. I wish you were still creating music because you provided a unique voice without directly copying other artists.

    I show you some examples:
    This is the new demo of “Nemessis” last Stratovarius Album, Filtered recently:
    This is demos that i do with Warren curry in 2012:
    I show demos in stratovarius Forum in 2012:
    We are sad…. And we support you in all, Timo: Please, Contactme if you want, feels free….


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