No hay duda de que Iron Maiden siguen siendo una apuesta segura por la que apostar y como botón de muestra, y a modo de resumen de lo que ha sido la Maiden England Tour, Mr. Patrick Ledwith hace públicas las cifras finales de lo que ha sido la gira del grupo que finalizó el pasado día 2 en el Estadio Nacional de Santiago de Chile:

Tour Production Manager, Patrick Ledwith has sent us these details from his 2013 Tour Logbook, which we thought you might be interested in:

“Since rehearsals started 131 days ago with 1 Band and 102 crew, there have been 46 Shows, 1,175,714 Maiden fans, 45,350 miles travelled, 44 cities in 25 different countries on 3 continents, 3,853 hotel rooms, 71,579 lbs of air freight, 2,576 stage hands, 350 lighting fixtures, 330 sets of guitar strings, 2,000 picks,184 drums sticks, 600 rolls of gaffer, 400 rolls of over tape, 598 tanks of CO2 gas, 278 tanks of propane, 3,380 dinners, 96 cheese wheels, 5,646 bottles of Trooper beer, hundreds of miles walked by Hackers… and we have made it to the end of another tour.”

The band are now heading home and would like to thank all their legendary fans for making this such a memorable tour for everyone involved. You are the best of the best!

Thanks also to Special Guests on the final leg of the tour; Megadeth in the US, and Slayer and Ghost in Latin America. And to Voodoo Six and all the other bands we played with across Europe at the festivals during the summer. And , of course, to the Killer Krew. Thanks to all of you!

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