Los suecos Beneath, tal como nos informan desde Metal Revelation, en las últimas horas han dado a conocer nuevos detalles sobre su próximo disco que  llevará por nombre Antidote y que saldrá a la venta el próximo 7 de marzo.

Tal como reza la nota recibida:

BENEATH has just announced that the title for their album will be “ANTIDOTE” and will be released on March 07, 2014 !

BENEATH is a Swedish Thrash Metal project formed by longtime friends, each playing in different bands, but always having the urge to make music together. They started the project in 1994, worked through the years on it (next to their own bands), and always had the goal in mind to release a Thrash Metal album the way they had in mind from the beginning.

Although BENEATH is a one-album project, you never know what the future will bring. The experience to work together was for the musicians a great feeling and therefore the possibility to do this again is always there !

BENEATH’s music can best be described as melodic and brutal. Beauty and beast. Acoustic and distorted. Singing and growling. Take the aggression of thrash metal and the melancholy of melodic metal, add some traditional songwriting and the furiosity of hard core and you get the picture.

The cover artwork for ANTIDOTE has also been revealed today :



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