Varias son las notas que desde ayer, fecha en que se conoció la muerte de Jim Sullivan, el que fuera su maestro, el bueno de Ritchie ha publicado en su Facebook junto con algunas fotografías de la época:

Thank you Jim for finding this great shot of Ritchie as a young man. Very cool.

I first met Jim Sullivan in 1958. He was introduced to me by my sister in laws brother. We both lived in the same area: in Middlesex, Cranford. He was playing with Marty Wilde and the Wildcats. He showed me another level of playing. He was probably the most advanced guitarist in the London area. I would listen to the radio every week there was a Marty Wilde show. Jim was often featured on the show so I was glued to the radio. He also made some great instrumentals. One being Trambone and one being Peak Hour. He was the 1st guitarist to play through a wah wah pedal. It was a Deamond foot volume and tone control. I remember an instrumental called the bat, where he used the pedal. That would’ve been around 1959. Last time I saw Jim was in LA where he was playing with Tom Jones. He was one of England’s finest players, a mentor and a good friend for me. His playing will always be in my heart and live on. God bless you Jim.


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